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5 Ways to Maintain Long-distance Friendship

We are all faced with busy activities. So that we can rarely communicate and face to face with each other. Nor can you gather to sit together hanging out at a coffee shop with your friends.

However, you don’t need to worry, because there are some interesting ways to be able to keep communicating with your friends remotely, as reported by efochtimes.

1. Text / email

You can send text / emails randomly to each other, because this is a good way and a sign that you keep remembering them.

2. Face to face or via Skype

Instead of just talking on the phone, it would be better if you could meet face to face or via Skype. This is an easy and effective way to meet each other from a distance.

You can also make a date plan for dinner and share stories / daily experiences.

3. Visit

You can make a visit plan. Planning to visit each other, at least once in a semester or a year and alternately. And make other selected events, such as picnicking a new tourist spot and have never been visited.

That way, you can see the new atmosphere that is around, and being able to share experiences can also warm friendships.

4. Greeting cards

Everyone will certainly feel happy, when receiving a letter or a package. You can send greeting cards, not only on special occasions, but at different times of the year.

If you see jewelry or something that reminds you of your friends, you can buy and send it to them.

5. Call

You can call your friend, even if you are in a different city / country. And it’s not an obstacle to be able to keep your friendly relationship.

Just hearing their voices, can bring smiles and divorce to you and your friends.

Try not to let distance block contact with your friends, and try your best to let them know, how much you value their friendship. GreetingsRead More

Pastor Chris Rebukes Nigerian Comedians for Jokes About Pastors

There are many comedians in Nigeria. However, some comedians in Nigeria are making a big mistake. They are making jokes about pastors. They are using pastors as the source material for their jokes. This is wrong, and it is something that should not be done. Those comedians who are using pastors as the source material for their jokes should repent.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the head of the Christ Embassy Network. He is a well-known pastor with millions of followers. Hundreds of thousands of people attend his lectures and prayer services. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a warning for those Nigerian comedians who are using pastors as a way to come up with jokes for their comedy shows.

At a recent Sunday gathering for prayer and worship, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome sounded the alarm about these comedians and what they are doing. He had a warning message for them. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said that this message does not come from him but that it comes from God.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was available to answer questions that people asked him. This was a session where he talked with the worshipers and answered their questions about spirituality and life. At that time, he was inspired by the spirit of God, like he often is. Inspired by this Spirit, he gave a message to comedians, and the message that he gave should not be taken lightly. In his message, he said that pastors are men of God and that they cannot be played around with or joked about. Those who joke about a man of God will face the consequences of their actions.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said that the Lord told him to tell the comedians to do whatever they can to stay as far away from joking about pastors and men of God. He said that those comedians who continue to sin and joke about pastors and men of God will see their lives turned into a comedy. Soon, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome warned, you will see comedians and you will look at their lives and wonder how their lives became so drastically reduced. You will say, “Is this really you? Are you really that famous comedian who used to be so famous and popular and used to have such a great life? How did this happen to you? What happened to your greatness and fame? How did you land in such trouble?” The reason for that, of course, would be that they joked about sacred things and took a man of God lightly.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explained that there are some things that you can joke about, and then there are things that you simply cannot joke about. Sacred things are not to be joked around with. You can joke about mundane things, but not about spiritual and sacred things, and certainly not about holy things. Therefore, since pastors occupy a sacred place, they are off-limits to comedians and should not be joked about.

Pastor Chris reminded his listeners that when God wants to … Read More

Making money on forex broker tradeX1

Technology is now being used in every sector in the world. Online trade is now available in most countries and people can take part when they want to do so. is broker that provides the traders with the things that they need so that they take part in the trading process. Just like any other trading platform, requires one to dedicate his or her time in the activity. There are people who have been making good money from the platform just by following the steps provided by the company. When you dedicate your time to investing in online trading, you will have the opportunity of making money.

Use the demo account first when you join

As a new trader on the platform you should use the demo account which will teach you how to invest on the platform. allows you to train to become a good trader. People always lose a lot of money on the platform. Such people do not know the manner in which they should invest if they want to earn money. There are people who have ended up losing all the money they have just because they do not know what should be in place if they want to be good traders. The demo account is like a training process that makes it very easy for the easy for the clients to trade without experiencing any problems. From opening an account to the trading process trade x1 enables you to go through all the hurdles that might make one to lose hope in the trading process.

Know when to invest and when to sell

When trading, you must know when to increase your investment and when to sell the currencies. Such decisions are based on the ability of the trader to make profits or loss in the market. At you will get the chance to compare the performance of different currencies in the market so that you know when to make money. If you note that the value of a give currency in the industry is increasing then the advisable thing to do is to invest more. Investing more means that you will sell them later at a better price and this will make you earn more money. In case you have bought a given currency at tradex1 and you realize that the value is going down then you should sell all of them so that you avoid making losses on the platform.

Withdraw the money when you want to do so

The time when you withdraw your money is a decision that you should make. Sometimes it is not advisable to reinvest the money that you earn from the platform because you cannot be sure of the behavior the currency will have. You can withdraw the money at any time that you feel you have earned enough. The process of withdrawal is very easy. You just log into your account and go to the option of withdrawal then you can withdraw … Read More